IoT SAFE Applet for secure IoT End-to-End Communication and more

IoT SAFE - Robust and Effective IoT Security at Scale

Leveraging a hardware secure element, or 'Root of Trust', to establish end-to-end, chip-to-cloud security for IoT products and services is a key recommendation of the GSMA IoT Security Guidelines. This requires both the provisioning and use of security credentials that are inside a secure place within the device. The SIM card or SmartCard is best suited to function as the hardware Root of Trust in an IoT device as it has advanced security and cryptographic features and is a fully standardised secure element, enabling interoperability across different vendors and consistent use by IoT device makers.

Developed standard by the mobile industry, and implemented by Quantag IT Solutions, IoT SAFE (IoT SIM Applet For Secure End-2-End Communication) enables IoT device manufacturers and IoT service providers to leverage the SIM as a robust, scalable and standardised hardware Root of Trust to protect IoT data communications. IoT SAFE provides a common mechanism to secure IoT data communications using a highly trusted SIM, rather than using proprietary and potentially less trusted hardware secure elements implemented elsewhere within the device.


  • Uses the SIM as a mini 'crypto-safe' inside the device to securely establish a (D)TLS session with a corresponding application cloud/server
  • Compatible with all SIM form factor: SIM, eSIM, iSIM.
  • Compatible with all JavaCards
  • Provides a common API for the highly secure SIM to be used as a hardware 'Root of Trust' by IoT devices
  • Helps solve challenge of provisioning millions of IoT devices
architecture diagram

IoT SAFE provides security services that enable

  • IoT devices to securely perform mutual (D)TLS authentication to a server using either asymmetric or symmetric security schemes
  • IoT devices to compute shared secrets and keep long-term keys secret
  • Provisioning and credential lifecycle management from a remote IoT security service
workflow diagram

IoT SAFE Specifications

IOT Security Applet 1 IOT Security Applet 2
TLS Version (D)TLS 1.2 and 1.3 (D)TLS 1.2 and 1.3
RSA Yes* (2048 bit) No
PSK Yes* (512 bits) Yes* (512 bits)
SHA-256 Yes Yes
HMAC Yes Yes
HKDF Yes Yes
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